Nexus SMS

For Utilities

Public Utilities deal with mounds of information on a daily basis. Their customer count could be in the hundreds of thousands or even a few million. But how can a Utility company benefit from Bulk SMS services? Reminders come to mind. People are so busy nowadays that a simple text message to their phone reminding them of an overdue bill will have most customers both appreciating the reminder and planning to make an immediate payment.

Using the Nexus SMS platform to send late payment reminders is a great compliment to email and paper reminders. When you consider that at least 95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes after receipt as opposed to current email open rates of around 10%-15% you quickly realise the benefits of using Bulk SMS services to relay important and timely messages that will get read.

As time moves on in this mobile era paper mailers will become less in use while digital delivery of bills and reminders will become much more commonplace. Public Utilities can take full advantage of Bulk SMS to not only send late payment reminders, but also send customers to a mobile optimized landing page to perhaps conduct a customer service survey, bring awareness to an important cause or event, or inform customers of service interruptions in their area.

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SMS App for Utilities

SMS App for Utilities

We are pleased to introduce Nexus SMS, your ultimate solution for efficient communication in the utility industry. The SMS application we developed is specifically designed for utility companies, providing them with a seamless and effective method of interacting with customers, employees, and stakeholders. With our user-friendly platform and powerful features, you will no longer have difficulty managing your communications.

Streamlined Customer Engagement: 

We help utility companies engage customers and improve customer satisfaction. With instant SMS notifications, you can inform your customers about service updates, planned outages, billing, and more. Deliver individualized messages directly to their mobile devices to ensure they receive essential information.

Efficient Internal Communication: 

Communication is key for utility companies to keep things running smoothly. Our SMS app allows employees, supervisors, and field technicians to communicate quickly. Work orders can be dispatched, updates shared, and issues resolved instantly.

Automated Reminders and Alerts: 

Our SMS app’s automated reminders and alerts will ensure that you never miss an important deadline or appointment again. Set up reminders for routine maintenance, meter readings, or scheduled repairs. Make your team and customers aware of upcoming events, minimizing delays.

Emergency Notifications: 

Emergency or unforeseen incidents require timely communication. All stakeholders, including customers, employees, and emergency response teams, can get critical information instantly. Updates, safety instructions, and real-time alerts keep everyone informed and prepared.

Analytics and Reporting: 

Our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools will help you measure the effectiveness of your communication strategies. Obtain valuable insight into message delivery, response rates, customer engagement, and campaign performance. This data can be used to optimize your communication efforts and to tailor future campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Secure and Reliable Platform: 

Our SMS app ensures end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive information and maintain the confidentiality of communications, especially for the utility industry. Our platform delivers your messages consistently and securely with reliable infrastructure and backup systems.

With Nexus SMS, you can simplify customer engagement, improve internal coordination, and improve emergency preparedness. Get in touch with our team today and revolutionize your communication strategies.