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Send Business SMS

Technology has changed the face of business forever. What used to take weeks to reach thousands of potential customers, now takes seconds and has the ability to reach millions. With all of this broad reaching mass media filtering out into the world, how can we be sure that the information is getting into the hands of the people that matter?

Send Voice SMS

Sometimes, when a Business SMS just isn’t enough and people want to hear an actual voice, Bulk Voice SMS comes into play. Simply explained, Bulk Voice SMS provides recipients with a 30 second message upon answering the phone. The message can be whatever the sender wants it to be; from a promotional offer or event notification, to an elevator speech about their particular business and the goods or services it offers.

In addition to offering an actual voice that will deliver your message, Bulk Voice SMS also offers the option of IVR, or Interactive Voice Recognition, features which enable recipients to be routed to a live operator who can answer their questions or perform follow up services. The best part, Bulk Voice SMS can be used on both mobile and land line based communication services

Whether you use Bulk Voice SMS for your business, educational or organizational system or financial institution, the uses are limitless. Here are just some of the ways you can utilize Nexus SMS’s Bulk Voice SMS services:

Stay ahead of competitors with an engagement strategy that most buyers prefer. When you text, you build stronger B2B and B2C relationships that solidify your brand message and market position.

  • Lead Generation
  • Event Notifications
  • Political Campaign Promotions
  • Voter Registration
  • Vote Reminders
  • Fund Raising
  • Service Reminders
  • Product Promotions
  • Announcements
  • Send Reminders
  • Event Notification
  • Marketing Products & Services
  • Meeting Alerts
  • Wake Up Calls
  • Stock Alerts
  • Medicine Reminders

Contact Nexus SMS today for a no-obligation consultation to see how Bulk Voice SMS can benefit you.

Two Factor Authentication

With hackers, crackers, spammers and more running amok in the digital world, it doesn’t seem safe to shop, buy groceries or pay your bills online any more. With Two Factor Authentication, your customers can rest assured knowing that their personal and financial information is in good hands. Our reliable, effective Two Factor Authentication was designed to provide an extra layer of protection when customers login to your Bank, Credit Union or other finance website to access their account.

While Two Factor Authentication sounds complicated, it really isn’t. It’s an easy to use tool that specializes in keeping any unauthorized users away from your clients’ personal information and accounts. Two Factor Authentication is so effective because of the way it works. When a customer goes to log in to their account, they will receive a one-time password via their smart phone or mobile device. They will then type in this password along with their username and current static password. This specialized Two Factor Authentication password is only valid once making your customers’ accounts safer than ever.

While other systems are being created to fortify passwords, Two Factor Authentication is the only one that is actual here today doing something about this global problem. Trying to keep track of which password is for which account and what specific questions are to be answered to log in with can be more than difficult, it can be downright inconvenient. Two Factor Authentication streamlines this process making logging in easy and more secure. Prevent future problems with the double protection of Two Factor Authentication.