5 Reasons Why Bulk SMS Service Is An Effective Communication Tool for Business

Bulk SMS Service: An Effective Business Marketing Tool

5 reasons why you should include bulk SMS service in your marketing mix.

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, you might think that businesses have abandoned bulk SMS service in favor of instant messaging services. But the truth is that SMS (short messaging service) has remained one of the most preferred direct marketing tools over the years. In fact, while MIM (mobile instant messaging) is the winner when it comes to volume, “global revenues from SMS should be upwards of 50 times higher.” This shows that SMS as a communication tool is highly efficient in serving existing customers and attracting new ones.

Simple and Smart

Without a doubt, SMS is the simplest feature that allows users to receive and send messages—both for smartphones and non-smartphones. It is readily available! There’s no need for a user to install apps with complicated UIs in order to get your message.

Extensive Reach

According to Pew Internet Project’s January 2018 research, “90% of American adults have a cell phone”. This translates to 285 million Americans who have access to SMS. When planning a direct marketing campaign, sending SMS reaches out to thousands of potential contacts almost instantly.

Besides its extensive reach, SMS open rates exceed 99%, and 95% of all SMS are read within 5 minutes of being received, according to a report by SinglePoint.  Even during nighttime, forty four percent of cell owners have kept their phone next to their bed in order for them not to miss any text messages or updates. This ensures that your marketing message is not only received but is also opened and read.

Instantaneous Interaction

With the hugely successful SMS open rates, this gives you the advantage of providing an instantaneous interaction between you and your customers. Many institutions actually use text messaging for surveys because getting the answer is relatively quick. Plus, customers prefer surveys through SMS because they are unobtrusive compared to phone and in-person surveys.

Integration with Other Channels

While SMS can be used as a standalone communication tool for marketing, when combined with other channels such as social media and email, it even becomes more effective and powerful. If you already have an email marketing in place, you can enhance it by following up with a text message. This increases the chances of getting a response and move the conversation forward.

Brand Loyalty

Ultimately, SMS isn’t only limited to acquiring new customers, it can also enhance brand loyalty. Chase, for example, is one of the early proponents of mobile banking. Their clients can do simple banking transactions such as checking their balance or payment reminders through SMS. With this setup, their clients get what they want in less time. This creates a positive experience, which is one of the factors that make customers loyal.

So, if you’re looking for a communication tool that delivers both quantity and quality, bulk SMS service is a smart and efficient option for any type of direct marketing. It has an extensive reach, it’s easy to use, and has the highest chance of getting a response. And of course, once you’ve got them hooked, you can keep on delivering great stuff through SMS in order to keep them happy and loyal.

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