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The Message Is Clear: It’s Time to Text

As the problem of growing and maintaining higher conversion rates for email campaigns, websites, and social media pages continues to challenge marketers everywhere, one medium effortlessly dominates the numbers. An SMS text is over 200% more likely to be read and responded to than most other forms of communication, with 95% or more of customers doing so within the first 3 minutes.

Stay ahead of competitors with an engagement strategy that most buyers prefer. When you text, you build stronger B2B and B2C relationships that solidify your brand message and market position.

Whether you do business locally or internationally, Nexus SMS’s text messaging solutions are backed by world-class infrastructure and a team of experts that ensure your messages are delivered on-time and on-budget.

Maximize Your Reach

As of 2020, while 2.71 billion people own a smartphone and require an internet connection to receive your emails and platform-based messages, 5.13 billion own a basic mobile phone and have a network connection. Business SMS lets you reach more people faster.

Quicker Results

Spend less time and money crafting promotional emails, trying to get in contact with clients who won’t respond to calls, and pushing out social media posts and announcements your customers may not see. Business SMS gets the job done more effectively in fewer characters.

Higher Conversions

The statistics speak for themselves. You get more responses from your customers when you use text messaging, and you’ll get them faster. Business SMS is the highest rated medium for customer engagement and satisfaction and is the best open secret in marketing.

You’ll Also Gain Access to:

FREE Campaign Scheduling

Pay-for-what-you need pricing plans

24/7 customer support with expert help on standby

Worldwide delivery

The Best Time to Start Using Business SMS was Yesterday.
The Second Best Time is Now.

Emails and social media posts no longer provide the competitive edge they once did. Every business is now on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram fighting to capture customer attention despite the noise, and in email inboxes hoping not to be deleted or sent to spam.

Business SMS not only gives you a direct line to customers, but it is also projected to maintain the number-one spot as oversaturation and content fatigue intensify within the next few years.

Text Messaging is Future Proof Marketing

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

Our services have been built using the latest technologies and best practices in accordance with the highest privacy and protection standards. Nexus SMS understands just how vital it is to keep your data and your customers’ data safe, and we employ a dynamic security team that works around the clock to ensure your peace of mind.

Enterprise-Level Text Messaging

It goes without saying that individual one-to-one texting plans won’t cut it for even the smallest-sized businesses. Our robust bulk Business SMS plans make texting your customers easier and more cost-effective.

Enterprise-Level Voice SMS

Need more than text and video? We also have bulk Voice SMS plans. Deliver messages as 30-second generated voice clips when customers answer the phone. We can also reroute answered calls to live operators using IVR.

Two-Factor Authentication

Provide an extra layer of protection to customers accessing their accounts through your website or app. Login attempts will be quickly verified via static passwords that lower the risk of unauthorized access.

No downloads. No hardware installations. Our cloud-based platform is easy to use, allowing you to manage your text messaging campaigns and see analytics with just a few clicks. Whether you’re sending links, videos, digital flyers, or trying to increase your mobile app downloads, Business SMS can streamline and supercharge your process and results.

Here Are Some Industries in Which
We’re Helping Clients Reach Their Customers More Effectively

Financial Services

One of the biggest concerns for customers who take advantage of financial services is the safety and security of their funds. Two-factor authentication is one of the most widely used services in this industry


Business SMS helps keep both students and their parents engaged in the education process by providing updates and announcements on assignments, trips, activities, and sending cancellation notices.


Even at the smallest government institutions, thousands of citizens’ information is processed each year. Business SMS can help request missing information, set appointments, and provide customer service hotlines.


Keep your customers on their toes with secret sale announcements, links to loyalty discounts, and reminders to grab their favorite items before you’re out of stock.


Staying on top of living and utility expenses can be difficult. Remind your customers of their upcoming bills to reduce instances of late payments and disconnections.

Any Enterprise

Don’t see your industry here? Then you have an even bigger chance to get ahead of the competition. Get in touch with our Nexus SMS team to trial our service at no cost.

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